A logo is a symbol that is used as a visual memory tool for your business. Logos should be simple, clear, and memorable. We like to start our design with a pencil and pen and scrap paper. This is a quick way to get ideas flowing. We think designing in black and white helps to avoid the distraction of color. Also if a design looks great in black and white it will work well in most forms of advertising even later when color is added.

We have a lot of customers who have a business idea but don’t yet have a name. We enjoy helping those customers come up with a list of name options. We will ask you questions to help guide your thinking. This process of brainstorming is a great process in helping a new business get on its feet. We also will help you with a slogan to describe your businesses services in a short and memorable statement. After you have a name for your business the next step is a logo design.

We provide our customers with many design options from business cards, letterheads, envelopes, signs, websites, and promotional items. Give us a call to get your logo process started.